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Have Your Carpet Cleaned After A Fire To Eliminate Soot Stains And Smoke Odors

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A fire causes a lot of problems for your home, even if the fire is small. That's because soot and smoke can spread through your house and affect things like your carpet that hold on to odors. Of course, if your carpet is burned, you may need to get rid of it, but if it's just affected by smoke or soot, it can probably be cleaned and restored. Here's how a carpet cleaning service may go about it.

Remove Water If It's Present

If the fire department used water to douse the fire, your carpets may be wet if they were in range of the water spray. Drying out the water quickly is important. The sooner you have work done on your carpet after a fire, the better chance you'll have of restoring the carpet to its usual condition. If your carpet got wet, the cleaning service needs to extract the water so the fibers can dry out. If your carpet didn't get wet, the cleaning service can just start with the first cleaning.

Clean The Carpet To Remove Soot And Odors

You'll want to talk to the carpet cleaning service about how to proceed with the steps involved in restoring your home. A lot depends on the location of the fire and the extent of the damage. If the damage is confined to a small area in the kitchen, then cleaning your carpet may be done before work begins on the kitchen. This prevents further damage to the carpet fibers and staining. The carpets are cleaned with professional equipment and products that remove black stains from soot and foul odors from smoke.

Once the carpet is completely dry, you may want to cover it with an area rug to protect it while construction in your kitchen is underway. However, you don't want to cover the carpet if it is damp or if the pad under the carpet is damp or mold may grow.

Clean The Carpet Again After The Restoration

Construction in your kitchen can spread dust and more soot through your home and kick up smoke odors that affect your carpet again. Once the work on your kitchen is complete and the rest of your home has been cleaned, the last step in the fire restoration process is to have your carpet cleaned again to remove any dirt picked up during the construction process and to remove lingering odors. The carpet cleaning service can use odor neutralizers on the carpet so the last traces of foul odors are gone and your home smells fresh and has no trace of the fire disaster.