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Refuting A Few Basic Myths About Water Damage Restoration

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When your house suffers water damage, it will be imperative for you to act quickly in order to minimize the damages and disruptions. However, incorrect information will often lead homeowners to make mistakes that can increase the risk of complications arising and the water damage worsening. Myth: Mold Always Takes A While Before It Starts To Develop Mold is one of the more common problems that will follow water damage. Unfortunately, homeowners often think that mold will take many weeks or longer to start developing, which can cause them to delay the start of repairs. Read More»

3 Reasons To Consider Adding A Sump Pump To Your Home

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One of the most useful additions to your home is a sump pump, especially if you live somewhere that is prone to major rainstorms or that has a high water table. A sump pump is designed to be installed in a pit that water collects in through the soil or through drains around your home and continually empties that sump pit to keep the water away from your house. Listed below are three reasons to consider adding a sump pump to your house. Read More»

Tips For Flood Damage Control

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If your home has been exposed to a flood, you need to work fast to get the damage control taken care of. You also need to take the proper steps so that the situation doesn’t cost you more than it has to. When you look at the existing damage, you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. There are some concerns that you may not be thinking of. Here, you can learn about some of the first steps you should take as well as some of the issues you may not have considered. Read More»

4 Ways to Identify Water Damage in Your Attic

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When you think of water damage, you typically picture a flooded basement with boxes of irreplaceable family photos and a sofa floating by. Unfortunately, many other areas in your home can suffer from the devastating effects of water damage, including the opposite end of your home, the attic. To determine if your roof is adequately protecting your home and preventing water from wreaking havoc up there, inspect your attic for signs of water damage on a regular basis. Read More»

Diagnosing And Treating A Mold Allergy In Your Dog

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Humans aren’t the only ones that can suffer from allergies. Dogs are prone to many of the same allergens that plague people, although the symptoms may be different. Mold is one of the more common allergies that dogs and their owners often share. It’s important to get a correct diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan so your pet doesn’t suffer. Common Symptoms and Diagnosis Mold allergies look different in dogs than they do in humans. Read More»